For or against Palcohol?


The controversy over powdered alcohol – are your for or against Palcohol?

Over the past year, the concept of powdered alcohol has been a hot topic of discussion. Palcohol product labels were approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau on April 8th. Shortly after on April 21st, the approval was rescinded. Robert Lehrman, who runs a beverage law website stated that this company made huge strides in their quest for marketability; Palcohol acquired five formula approvals and a distilling permit. When the labels were announced to be approved in error, many speculated it was due to the potential danger that this product could lead to. Not necessarily the case – Lehrman stated on his website that the government can not simply cancel approvals. The company, Palcohol, said that this is simply due to a labelling issue, and has nothing to do with the underlying concept, product or formulas.

Here are some arguments for and against this highly controversial product:


  • If you are a hiker, camper or outdoor enthusiast, this product will no doubt ease your load.
  • It’s innovative and transformative, which is always good for a progressive society


  • A new way to abuse alcohol — Are people really going to want to snort this stuff?
  • Loss of profits for bar and restaurant owners — Instead of ordering a $7 cocktail, will you sneak in your Palcohol and opt for the $3 virgin version of your drink or complementary water?

Tell us in the comments below – are you FOR or AGAINST Palcohol and why?

Image: Mudd1 via Wikimedia Commons

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